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Gabor Banyai, or better known in the industry as Gäbro is currently an upcoming freelance DJ, who is performing at private parties around Chester and Liverpool.

Though still quite new to the English music scene, coming from a Hungarian background, he has been providing sound and soul to parties for a few years now in England to the House, Organic and Progressive House loving people.

After many years of enjoying music only from the dance floor, around 10 years ago he started to play music for family and friends. First learning on his own, he slowly built connections all over the Hungarian DJ scene, but only as a hobby artist. His deep and soulful vibes greatly influenced by the artists like Peter Marko, Nick Warren, and Hernan Cattaneo just to mention a few. Then 4 years ago, he bought his first professional decks, and made a jump from a home playing hobby artist to a DJ. Since than he provided music in smaller private parties’ gyms and numerous online spaces.

His future plans are to improve his skills, score a residency, and establish himself in the UK DJ scene.